It’s time for the weekly Monday Match-Up Report: the posting where I lay it all out… the men, the Church chums, the PSO’s (or lack thereof).

Ya ready? Here we go! I’ve actually given up on this. The only emails I’ve received all week are the ones begging to spend money to be rejected in a bigger, better way. “Hey, we’re still not looking at your profile, but now you’ve paid money to figure that out. Can you say, SUPER LOSER?!” Yeah. I don’t think so. This one has actually peeked my attention. I like that most men seem to be authentic in their faith, and aren’t afraid to say so. I’d have to say, the majority of them don’t play games. I’m even thinking of subscribing to get email access. One guy in particular has sent me winks and smiles and cards… and because I’m cheap (not THAT kind of cheap!), I don’t have access to all of it. But paying the mortgage and putting food on the table is more important, so yet another payday must come and go before I commit financially to any website (*Note to self: investigate paypal donations… it worked for Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia Project).

Man-waves: none that I can recall.

Social activity: Bible study. Food decorating on Saturday with Mom and Hannah. Church (Good Friday @ HDC). Church (Holy Saturday @ HDC). Church (Sunday morning at HCC). Easter lunch at Mom’s. Gas station. Store. Loud music, driving, Starbuck’s. Lots of friends at church, but no outings. I do have a girl date to plan with Wendy, and a Disney date with Jennifer in about three weeks.

Upcoming plans and challenges: Bible study. It’s one of my most favorite gatherings. These people pray like no other, and it’s a safe environment for me to start to open up and be more social. I think maybe on Saturday I’ll actually go and sit in a Starbuck’s instead of driving thru. How can you meet people that way? Hmm… maybe I can invent the Drive-Thru Date… And then church. Maybe this weekend, I’ll smile at a stranger. Maybe.

Or maybe I need a wingman. Wonder what Julie’s doing this Saturday…


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