by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

What’s your “Aha!” moment?

Last night I enjoyed a wine and cheese party in anticipation of Hallmark Channel’s “Uncorked”. A cute little story; nothing that would win Oscars if it was a big screen flick, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

It got me thinking, what is it about these stories that I love so much, that so many Hallmark fans go for, time after time after time. And it dawned on me.

It’s the formula.

The formula of Boy and Girl meet, already spoken for by others. Others have conflict. Others leave. Original Boy and Girl find each other. Original Boy and Girl have conflict. Original Boy and Girl resolve conflict. Original Boy and Girl live happily ever after. And somewhere in that resolution is the “Aha!” moment, when one or the other or both realize that a significant change must occur in order to reach the desired goal.

I look back on my quiet, still life and wonder, where were my “Aha!” moments? What did I miss, that would have made my life bigger, better, larger? And it hit me. I have not missed any such moments. I have not had any yet. Certainly, I’ve had great moments that have wowed me and those around me. But spending too much time wishing for a past that didn’t happen the way I wanted, leads to nothing but a longer future of regrets.

I choose no longer to sit by and wait and wish and wonder. I choose to get up, to be active, to do what I must do to achieve what it is that breathes within me, begging me to give it life. Today I choose to start, to finish, to experience.

I choose to move forward, not look behind. I choose to keep my eyes open and my senses alert. To seek and continue to seek until I find what is looking for me, and never stop.

I am certain there will be times when every piece of me will be broken, and I look forward to those experiences because it means I am still alive. I am choosing to live, to grow, to flourish, to share with all who are willing to come with me.

I am not alone unless I choose to be. I choose not to be.

And in the culmination of these choices, I say “Aha!”

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

"He loves me. He loves me not."
"As Long As You Love Me"
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