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Not Just Cherries...

So, like anyone on a new venture, it’s taken me some misdirections to get my feet on solid ground. But here I am. And I’m liking the roots I’m setting down and the heights I’m stretching for.

I’m changing up the blog, just a little. For starters, my intro blurb now has the word “dating” in parenthesis. What does that mean? Well, this blog started out as sort of a dating journal. At least, that was the game plan. But once I started, it evolved more into just me getting out. Staying in. Doing what I read the rest. . .

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Mojo Movie Review of the Week: “Julie & Julia”

SPOILER ALERT: MOVIE DETAILS REVIEWED. Read at your own discretion.

I have a shelf full of my Mojo Movies. These are the movies that I practically know by heart. The ones that I’m not ashamed to admit are in my library, and if I can’t convince you to watch them, I don’t care. These movies, in one aspect or another, are very personal to me.


“Julie & Julia” is up there in my Top Five so I was thrilled when my dear friend, Camryn, who was previously unaware of my affinity for the film, asked if I’d seen it … read the rest. . .

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Get Back on the Horse!

Just recently, I have discovered a love named Louis. Louis L’Amour, to be specific.

My mom has always been an avid reader, and thus has always encouraged my writings. She found yet another way this week to bring the two together. She just finished reading “The Collected Short Stories of Louis L’Amour, The Frontier Stories, Volume One”, with a promise to let me borrow it. As I went to pick it up a few days ago, I was too distracted to at first hear those beautiful words, “You can keep it; read the rest. . .

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