Not Just Cherries...

So, like anyone on a new venture, it’s taken me some misdirections to get my feet on solid ground. But here I am. And I’m liking the roots I’m setting down and the heights I’m stretching for.

I’m changing up the blog, just a little. For starters, my intro blurb now has the word “dating” in parenthesis. What does that mean? Well, this blog started out as sort of a dating journal. At least, that was the game plan. But once I started, it evolved more into just me getting out. Staying in. Doing what I do best, which is writing about … anything. So. Will I continue to meet people? You bet. Will there be social updates? Of course. Am I open to new experiences? More than ever before. But there will be so much more. I’m not afraid of voicing my opinions. Sharing recipes. Bringing you along on this journey with me.

You’ll also notice more content in the “home bar”, but only if you check out the actual website. You can’t access everything if you’re just getting the email posts. So come on. Click the link. Check me out. There’s even more to come!

For a variety of reasons, all amazon and google links have been removed. Mostly because I didn’t want the distraction of linking items. Let’s face it: you don’t need Amazon to tell you I’m still crazy about Starbucks and the Backstreet Boys!

Any links I do have, are definitely worth clicking! You’ll find audio files like songs and whatnot. Photos. More posts and pages. And don’t forget to check out my blogroll! There’s some great material from other writers linked there as well.

As always, feel free to comment (just click on the post title and you’ll be taken directly to that specific article with a comment box at the end). I’ll respond to as many as I can in my weekly Comment Commentary. Share. Email. Link. Writers love to have readers. I really want to hear from each of you. What do you like? What can I change? Are there any topics that pique your interest? Anything features you would like on a regular basis? Anything I already do that should be better left alone, or just left behind? Let me know. We’re all in this together. ;)

Comment Commentary: July 31, 2011
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