In my ever growing efforts to grow my blog, recently I’ve discovered, a website community for bloggers to get tips and traffic from each other.

Because I have so much time on my hands (or is it just that I’m a glutton for punishment?), I signed on to participate in the NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. All it takes is a commitment to write daily posts for the month of November. I figure since I’ve already written every day, and sometimes more than that, for the past two months, why not go for the hat trick?

So here I am, prepping away. The glory of NaBloPoMo is increased blog traffic through aforementioned, potential prizes, and this really great blog badge:

I’m looking forward to another month of recipes, party planning, stories, and a whole bunch of whatnots that make my life Real.

And lucky you… you get to read about it.

Now isn’t that special?  ; )  [Hey, mom! That’s a winky face. See the semi-colon? That’s the winky eyes. The parenthesis? That’s the smile. See? Winky face. Turn your head sideways. No. The other sideways. There ya go.]

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