It’s quite possible I’ve had so much to write that I haven’t written a thing. Okay, true story: I (almost) don’t know where the month of March went. I almost feel like the Beatles’ Here, There, and Everywhere. Oh, don’t get me singing. Just give me some sweet tea or coffee and I’ll calm down.

There was a chaotic beginning in March. Projects up in the air, should I do this or quit that? Bless her glorious heart, after a morning out as we’re sometimes prone to do, Mum asks, “Would you like me to come over and help you clean your house?” Now, Bedford Manor isn’t a messy place. Not usually. But let me throw a few words out for ya: Flu. Cats. Media. Work. Any of these pieces fitting together? So when Mum asks, I do the only thing a responsible, caring, independent, adult child could do. I cried and said, “Thank you!”

The next thing you know, the house is clean, the body is healthy, and I’m on my way to Seattle. Seattle, people! The Emerald City! The land of . . . Well, the land of my children. And coffee. And probably the sixth location mystery in the City Series. Yes, that’s already in the brain. Suffice to say, I picked a good locale for the story I need to tell there. But that’s a separate post and about three years away. [You can wait, can’t ya?]

I spent three and half days visiting Dot and her husband, as well as enjoying some of the town. I flew up on a Thursday, took the tram directly into downtown and walked myself up Capitol Hill and into my son in law’s work. Dot joined us shortly after and from then on it was go, go, go. Here’s the part where I profusely thank my daughter for telling me in no uncertain terms, “Get over your love of heels. Don’t wear them here. You won’t survive.” She was right. My Keds barely kept the kicks alive. And I’m pretty sure I burned calories from alien beings, that’s how funky the legs didn’t work after ten hours of this thing called walking.

Anyway, I digress . . .

From different Starbucks (I mean, that’s not a surprise, right? That’s as obvious as eating beignets when I visit New Orleans next year.) to unique cuisine to family time around the TV watching, you guessed it, Frasier on Netflix . . . It was the best non-working vacation I’ve had in years. [Okay, so the Frasier thing didn’t happen until after we visited the Space Needle gift shop and a saw a mug that said “Good morning, Seattle!” at which point we looked at each other and said “Ohhhhh, yeahhhh” then went home and watched it over popcorn.] [NOTE TO SELF: Get. That. Mug.]

It’s been difficult to narrow down my favorite moments to just five. Actually, I can’t even say these are my top picks. They just happen to be some of my favorite photos. The moments . . . Well, there’s far too many of them for a Five Things Friday post.

In any event, these are my five favorite Instagrammable moments:

  1. Nippers and I frequented the Willy Wonka of coffee places, the Starbucks Roastery. Here we are enjoying a hot chocolate made with real melted chips, not syrup, and a tiramisu topped with chocolate shavings. I might have been a little Type-A for a few hours after indulging . . .

    Nippers the Frog at Starbucks Roastery

    Nippers at the Roastery

  2. This amazing view of Mt. Rainier from the rooftop. This photo doesn’t do it justice. The beauty of the snow above the green above the city . . . And let’s be real: It’s name is Rainier. For my NOLA Swarm, you’ll know exactly why that excites me. Am I right?

    Mt. Rainier in Washington

    Mt. Rainier from the Rooftop

  3. Honey! Dot and I bought a handful of honey sticks from the Farmers market. These naturally sweet treats are good on their own, but we also love adding them to our hot teas. I bought the variety pack – like This Social Media Ninja Bee could pass up that opportunity.

    Honey Sticks from the Farmers Market in Seattle

    Honey! This Social Bee’s favorite tea sweetener.

  4. Seriously, potato pizza. Serious Pie, from renowned Seattle chef Tom Douglas, is a pizzeria with three locations including one in the Roastery. Dot and Her Man treated me to this amazing, I-didn’t-think-I’d-like-it-but-I-LOVED-it potato pizza the first night. The food and service were so good, when they asked where I wanted dinner the second night, I opted for different pizza, same pizzeria. That was not a mistake. And I’d do it again.

    Potato Pizza, seriously? Yes. At Serious Pie.

    Potato Pizza, seriously? Yes. At Serious Pie.

  5. My goodie bag is full of souvenirs from both the Roastery and corporate Starbucks where they work, the honey sticks, and, no shocker here, how could I pass up a book from the huge two-story Barnes & Noble? I couldn’t afford to buy the purse pen from Tiffany & Co. just yet, so I got myself the next best thing. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote.

    Seattle Souvenirs

    Seattle Souvenirs: Coffee, honey, and books.

And since I always love to add a bonus photo or video, here it is. I can’t take credit for this. Ten minutes after arriving at the Roastery I met Cyrus who was kind enough to share his Seattle insights, and noted I came on a good weather day. He then showed me this time-lapse video he took a few days earlier of a storm. I loved the video so much I asked if I could share it and he said yes. He also gave us suggestions of places to visit. I later discovered he’s a real estate agent in Seattle, so of course he has become my Go-To Guy for any touristy ideas I might have. I’m trying to convince him he should start a YouTube channel and share his Seattle. If you agree, drop him a line on his real estate Facebook page. Tell him I sent you. And tell him he needs a YouTube channel.

Well, there you have it. My not-only-top-five for Seattle. What are your favorite travel moments? Share them in the comments.

As always, with some love and a big gulp of sweet tea,
Happy reading.
~Molly Jo

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!

I Wish I Was a Helicopter Mom

I wish Dot was young enough for me to do things for her. To wrap my arms around her and protect her from the world. To care for her and take care of things for her.

But she’s a young adult, now. And I can’t live her life. I have to let her go into the world, in little tiny, dangerous baby steps.

I want to save her from certain memories. To be the kind of parent that pushes back when their child is bullied or looked down upon. I want to take her heartache as my own, and keep her from ever wanting to cry these tears.

I want to be successful enough to give her a job so she never feels rejection in the workforce. I want to give her training and life skills without fear of failure or condemnation. But I can’t. She has to search and search until someone takes a chance and hires her.

I want to choose her friends, her loves, her hobbies, her responsibilities. I want her to grow into the woman I know she will be, without getting hurt in the process.

I want to shelter her.
But I can’t.

And my heart still breaks for her.

I love that she’s old enough to have grown-up conversations with. I adore being in the kitchen with her as we experiment with new flavors. She has a sense of humor that she saves mostly for her friends, but now and then I’m allowed a glimpse.

My child makes me proud. And I want to scream at the world because the world doesn’t get her yet. Stop breaking her heart! Give her a job! Let her be!

But life is full of hard knocks and whatnot, and she’s only to grow if I let her experience them for herself.

I want her to be the successful young woman I know she is. I want the world to recognize what I already see in her. I want her to feel comfortable spreading her wings to fly.

I wish I was a helicopter mom and could do the flying for her. But since I can’t, I can only nudge her in the right direction and hope she understands. I can only be an example that I hope she chooses to follow. And I can only hope, in some ways, she’s smarter than me and will find her own way, a better way for herself.

As long she still calls me “Momma”.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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