The Strumbellas

I have a new favorite band. At least they’re in my Top 3.

You may not have heard of them before this, but you will.

They’re The Strumbellas. Simon Ward, Jon Hembrey, Darryl James, Jeremy Drury, David Ritter and Isabel Ritchie.

I’ve known of them for a while now. They hail from Toronto, Canada. That alone makes them worthwhile in my book. Pretty much all good things (sans mayor) come out of Toronto.

Okay, it doesn’t hurt that I know a family member of the drummer.

So yeah. There’s that.

But even without that connection, I really like this music.

The lead singer has a voice reminiscent of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. The folksy rhythm still offers a driving beat. And let’s face it . . . any band that usually performs in their bare feet has got to be amazing, right?

The Strumbellas and their bare feet

The Strumbellas

Widely recognized throughout Canada, you’ll want to join their bandwagon pretty quick so you can say “I knew about them when . . . ”

Look, I’m not a music critic. I don’t know how to tell you what makes them great. I just know they are!

I watch American Idol and I certainly wish these guys were from NOLA or LA or some place south of the Canadian Border so they could perform as a Judge’s guest. They really are that good.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

This song, Sailing, has been featured all over Canada. Hockey Night. Television. And countless replays on Facebook thanks to their fans.

I’m thankful for my friend who introduced me to The Strumbellas. Without her, I might have missed it. Their musical contributions might have sailed right on by, unnoticed (see what I did there?)

Do yourself a favor: find them. Listen to them. Like them.

You’ll be oh-so-glad you did.

I promise.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

The Strumbellas:
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on YouTube

My Soundtrack: The Year of the MoJo

For the last several years, certain songs will find their place on my Favorites playlist. Some are inspirational, some are aerobic, and some are just plain great to listen to.

Usually by February, a playlist for the year has built itself. I don’t often give much thought to what songs are added. I just suddenly realize this or that tune means much to me and so it’s natural to add it to the current listening selection.

I’m already building this year’s soundtrack. It’s positively incomplete which means it has much potential. But so far, here’s what I’ve got:

2014: The Year of the Mojo

  • On Top of the World (Imagine Dragons). This great, catchy tune was also the theme for the very short-lived CBS show, Partners. It starred David Krumholtz of NUM3ERS fame. It’s one of Dot’s favorite bands, and the song exudes positivity. Why wouldn’t it be on my list?
  • Every Man Should Know (Harry Connick, Jr.). No list is complete without at least one HCJ tune. My dear friend Darcy sent me this album for my iTunes library last summer. I’m crazyinlove with the music video.
  • Always Been About You (Fellowship Creative). This will be the theme to my Five Minute Faith podcast when I finally have enough pre-recorded episodes to start broadcasting. A great, uplifting melody and message.
  • Changed (Rascal Flatts). Because I love country music. And this song is powerful.
  • Love Is All Around – The Mary Tyler Moore Theme (Sonny Curtis). You didn’t think I could leave this one out, did you? Mary Tyler Moore. Minneapolis. A single, fairly confident, adult woman making it on her own. It’s like being home every time I hear it.
  • Medley from Mary Poppins (Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra). I’ve always enjoyed Mary Poppins. We recently saw “Saving Mr. Banks” at the theater, and it renewed that magic. And our thirst for Disneyland. Until I can get the soundtrack for “Saving Mr. Banks”, this medley will do.

That’s all I have on the playlist right now. Of course I’ll be adding to it on a regular basis. I’m sure there will be some Sinatra, maybe a Bocelli, and a few showtunes or another TV theme song. Definitely some Strumbellas and Pentatonix.

My collection of tunes is eclectic and my playlist should be, too. I like a playlist that offers variety. If I’m in a certain mood, I can shuffle the songs until I find what I need. Energetic, soothing, inspirational, comforting, a hard beat or a soft song.

What are some of your favorite tunes?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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