Every so often, I like to give a shout out to my favorite TV Show, Canada’s FLASHPOINT.

If you’ve been around the Blog any length of time, you understand how this wonderful show has affected me. Sounds silly, right? Or over-dramatic? Yah. From the other side of the fence I’d agree with you. But on the inside looking out, all I can say is you don’t know what you’re missing.

Right now I’m all wrapped up in Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. But it still doesn’t feel like it does when I watch FLASHPOINT. Even though they ended production after five seasons and I’m relegated to reruns and DVDs.

FPTO Farewell

FPTO Farewell [courtesy Angelo Barovier]

Nothing feels quite like watching FLASHPOINT.

It still feels like community.

Maybe I’m overly lucky. I was in the right place at the right time and cyber-met some amazing people. The people who cheer me on, share my chocolate, talk about toast, and continue to inspire and support me in so very many ways. And let me do the same for them. The people who have become My People.

When I watch FLASHPOINT, I feel connected to family. Can a TV show do all that?

Of course not.

But a community can.

FLASHPOINT is the only show I have never missed an episode of. It’s the first mainstream show I’ve known to have a truly interactive online community (thank you, Facebook and twitter!). My list of friends expanded exponentially when I opened myself to FPTO.

I get traffic on the Blog every single day for search queries for “FLASHPOINT” and its various characters. How amazing is that? This award-winning show with its ueber-intense storylines and intricate personalities. I always get caught up in the show for the first five to ten minutes before the title theme starts. The commercial breaks served to let me catch my breath. Now that I’m watching the show via Netflix and DVD, I get no breaks. It’s 44 minutes of pure adrenaline and breath-holding. So I guess it’s a good thing I only watch one or two episodes as I’m heading to REM slumber.

Of course it’s more than a show. When I’m on Facebook or twitter, I check in on My People. We’ve formed real relationships. We’ve met. We’ve socialized. We’ve encouraged and supported and cheered and been there for each other in a variety of situations. These people are My People.

And that’s why I still love this show. Because the show may have ended. But the community hasn’t.

I hope that someday I’ll write a script as worthy of the same kind of kudos that FLASHPOINT has received in the industry and from its fans. I have a glimmer of a goal to be the kind of writer and producer who continues to appreciate the community built around my Blog and other writings. To introduce people to each other in a way that is special and bonding. Not a casual “hey it’s been fun” moment that ends when the series ends. But real, ongoing, honest “how are you” friendships. And I strive to open up to strangers and expand my horizons with stories full of such friendships and adventures and character.

Because of the generous, supportive, encouraging people I’ve met through FLASHPOINT, I am reminded each day that I can do anything. It starts with an idea that spreads to a goal that leads to a step that builds a foundation.

When I give a shout out to FLASHPOINT, I’m really saying “thank you” to Jaye and Kate and Mary and Angelo and Sharon and Victoria and Joy and Beth and Laura and Nanette and so many others who continue to add spice and seasonings to This Girl’s life. And hoping in some small way I’m already returning the favor.

Yes. A TV show can do all that.

When I say, “FLASHPOINT inspires me,” I’m saying I get it. And whatever your community, I wish you the same. From the inside out.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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It happened. I didn’t want it to. Many of us saw the writing on the Wall. We knew this day would come. And yet, we’re still unprepared.

My beloved TV Show, FLASHPOINT, has begun to end.

Tonight was Part I of the two-part series finale. Yes. That’s right. Series finale. It won’t be back after next week.

FPTO Keep The Peace

[Courtesy Angelo Barovier/FLASHPOINT Team One, Used By Permission]

In keeping with strict Team One rules, I refuse to discuss the episode itself (“NO SPOILERS!”) other than to say, Mark and Stephanie, co-creators and head writers, out-did themselves. And this is just Part I. I’ve no idea what to expect for next week.

I’m in shambles. The show, as always, leaves me with a “what-the-heck-just-happened-I-need-to-learn-to-breathe-again” experience. It literally takes my breath away, and I’m consciously surprised during commercials when I find myself exhaling.

It’s impossible for me to write about FLASHPOINT without making it personal. I had absolutely nothing to do with the show. I wasn’t even one of the Lucky Ones to visit the set, cast and crew in Toronto. I’m okay with that (not really, but, you know, what can ya do…) Even so, this is a deeply personal experience for me.

As melodramatic as it reads, this show has, in some ways, changed my life. “But it’s just a TV show!” you say. “Get a life!” you tell me.

Let me tell you… in the five seasons that FLASHPOINT has been on the air:

*I became a licensed insurance agent.
*I went through two periods of unemployment. The last one lasting nearly 18 months.
*I bought a house.
*I was in a car accident.
*I reconnected with childhood friends via Facebook.
*I published my Cookbook.
*I learned to trust people I’ve never met.
*I found courage. Courage to reach for goals. Courage to think about change instead of comfort. Courage to let strangers in and let go of being intimidated.

And because of FLASHPOINT, I have many new friends. I’ve met people I otherwise would not have the privilege to know. People who have influenced me, tolerated me, cheered me on, and lifted me up.

FLASHPOINT opened up my world to possibilities. The highly interactive Facebook Page has been instrumental in making me feel connected to a world I otherwise didn’t know: the fan-based community that introduced me to others who understand: this is so much more than “just” a TV show. The producers that personally chat with me. Me. Like I’m a Somebody. Holy Reality, Batman… did Sharon just message me? Really?! Really!

When I needed a break from the Outside World, I could escape by watching FLASHPOINT on TV, on the DVR or one of the DVD sets. I always knew Team One would KEEP THE PEACE and make it better.

For my long-time readers, you’ll remember nearly three years ago when I began to really get involved with the FTPO Community online. Facebook. Twitter. I was so easily intimidated. I fluctuated between opening up and protecting my privacy. I soon realized the Community I was diving into was one of honest friendship. And it’s based on so much more than a show.

This group has supported my writing. Seen me through tragedies and celebrations. Encouraged me, and even called me on the carpet when I needed it.

I count my FPTO peeps as some of the most reliable people I know. And I’m thrilled to know that even though the show is ending, the Community is not.

So yes. When I talk about FLASHPOINT, it’s personal. And when it ends, I take it personally.

Dear FPTO,
You’ll never really know how you’ve inspired me and, cheesily, changed my life.
I wouldn’t trade it for all the chocolate in the world.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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