Building a Better Me: Making (Better) Memories

Lately, I’ve been rediscovering lost memories. I’ve been chatting with old friends on Facebook. Looking through old photo albums. Reading old journal entries and blog posts.

I’m not one to reminisce. I’m either in the moment or living for the future. The past is the past. It can’t be changed. And while I have solid childhood memories, I don’t often allow myself the luxury of recalling those favored moments more than once in a great while. This is also because I have a tendency to relive emotions that come with certain memories.

Because of this, I can write amazing character … read the rest. . .

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Writing Prompt: Songs

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

This is another Writer’s Digest Community Writing Prompt from last year.

SONGS: Take two of your favorite songs, and match up a line from the chorus of one with a line from the chorus of the other. Then, write a scene that starts with the first lyric, and ends with the second.

“What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” he asked with a smile; his smile.

“It’s too early to think about that right now.” I tried hard not to fall under his spell. I was certain, however, that my clumsy efforts to avoid … read the rest. . .

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