October is a beautiful month, isn’t it? Full of crisp air, sweaters out of storage, leaves changing colors and crunching under your feet. The start of the holiday season before the holiday rush. I think October is my favorite month.

On Facebook, I asked “What are some of your favorite fall/harvest moments?” Each reply was unique to the individual commenter, but there was one running theme: pumpkin. It seems pumpkin everything is what gets people most excited about October.

Each year I share this photo. It was taken by a friend about ten years ago. We were at the local … read the rest. . .

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Recipe: Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

By now you’ve probably sensed a theme about my recipes: I like ’em cheap, easy, and slow cooked.

Slow cookers are a beautiful invention. I’m particularly thrilled with my new “original slow cooker”, an authentic Crock-Pot. A Crock-Pot is different from other slow cookers, in that other slow cookers typically sit atop a hotplate that in and of itself can be used as a pancake griddle on Saturday mornings. A Crock-Pot encases the pot, usually a removable stoneware that acts as its own serving dish, albeit hot, but ultimately easy on the clean up. Once … read the rest. . .

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