Blogging is a Business

A few years ago, I had some friends suggest I start a blog. “A what?” I asked. I was certain they’d lost their minds. To me, a blog was nothing more than a digital diary. A public digital diary. Why would I want to spill my guts to a bunch of strangers?

I had a mental image of a Blogger as being someone who drank Starbuck’s all day and jotted down notes about things they wanted to (but not necessarily should) share with the World at Large. Someone who had nothing better to do with their time than write instead … read the rest. . .

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I Had a Job Interview Today!

Yup. I had an interview. A real, in-person, we-think-you-could-benefit-our-business job interview today. [I also had a call to join an insurance team about an hour’s drive from home and work for commission only… had to turn that one down. Darn.]

I had been referred to today’s Real Interviewer through mutual contacts. A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered it: part-time. Small office.

And today, it felt like a perfect fit. Because it’s a nice atmosphere. Because they’ve been in business for over a decade and are still growing. Because any job is better than no job. Because a pay … read the rest. . .

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In Case You Missed It…

This is sort of another stream-of-consciousness posting, but not really.

There’s been so much going on this weekend that I can’t just settle my thoughts onto only one theme, so you get them all. Lucky readers!

First, I want to remind each of you that there’s still time to enter the Cookbook Giveaway. The cookbook is still in pre-production, but don’t let that fool ya. Barring any more complications, it should be available within the next few weeks. So stay tuned!

I spent Friday and Saturday at home alone for the most part. Dot was on a field trip … read the rest. . .

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