Under the Hood.

Last month, I took Ursula to the shop. She’d not been driving right for a while but like a person without health insurance (hey, even in this day and age, it happens), we postponed the mechanic’s diagnosis until I was afraid the visit would be more of an emergency than a check up.

I was wonderfully surprised, then, when the call came that Ursula could come home with nothing more than a fluid flush and new power steering fluid reservoir. Sure, it wasn’t the band-aid price I was hoping for, but it was still a lot cheaper than, say, a … read the rest. . .

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What a Difference a Day Makes [The New Used Car Edition]

So, wow. Say it with me: Wow!

Was it only a few days ago I posted how good things are even though on paper they look miserable? Well, guess what. I get a paycheck this week. A full paycheck. And you know what I’m going to do with it? I’m going to pay my mortgage! I’m so stinking excited.

I’ve paid my mortgage every month, but this month is special. This month, it’s being paid from my paycheck: from money I earned at my new job.

It’s a great Thanksgiving!

You know what else is new? Take a guess. Okay, … read the rest. . .

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I Have New Tires on my Car

Today is Thanksgiving.

And while this is a little thing, it’s a big deal:
But two days ago I got two new tires on my car.

It happened, because we were planning on an hour-long drive to go visit my daughter’s friend in the hospital. And since I hadn’t had the air pressure checked for a while, I took the car to America’s Tire Co. They do air checks and rotations for free. And since I had $3.42 in my checkbook, “free” was really working for me.

Until they looked at my tires. Left front: treads worn down. Right front: … read the rest. . .

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