Happy Birthday, Megan!

You remember my writing partner, Megan, right?

Well, today’s her birthday! And of course I couldn’t let the day pass without publicly acknowledging what she means to me.

She is my Personal Barista

She understands Disney better than anyone else
She brings Lord of the Rings to the Table
(that is, the Writing Table… it really inspires her!)
She totally gets that I’m crazy enough about Narnia to make a room for it
She’s the other half of The New Inklings writing group.

She started her own blog to support me with mine…
The Fairest One of All

But she … read the rest. . .

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Today I’m Getting a Nesco Food Dehydrator and Corned Beef and Cabbage and a Chocolate Cherry Cake

I’m getting a food dehydrator today for my birthday.

I know I’m getting it, because my family asked, “What would you like for your birthday?”

And I said, “I would like a Nesco food dehydrator for my birthday.”

And a few weeks ago I dropped the “for my birthday” from that statement and my family became concerned that I might get it myself and they’d have to come up with some other gift idea, so they told me, “Don’t get a Nesco food dehydrator before your birthday.”

And when I asked “Why shouldn’t I get a Nesco food dehydrator before … read the rest. . .

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Happy Birthday!

Someone I know has a birthday today!

You’re a Pisces. That means you think a lot, you remember tons, and you have high ideals. You’re extremely imaginative and creative.You’re devoted to any- and every-thing that really gets your attention, particularly people and projects. You trust your gut, and it rarely fails you.

And you’re not alone. Do you know who else is celebrating a birthday today?

Ansel Adams, the photographer.
Patty Hearst.
Sidney Poitier.
And a bunch of other people you prob’ly don’t care about.
But these were worth mentioning.

You introduced me to Hoops & Yo-yo. Computers. Apple computers. … read the rest. . .

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