That One Time Cheez-Its Made Me Lose My Way

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

I just want to remind y’all, before reading this post, that I’m the Bohemian Hurricane. Do with that knowledge what you will, and read on:

So, y’all know I took a new job last summer, right? After years of sitting in an office, doing same-ol’-same-ol’ stuff day after day, my friends convinced to apply for an open position at the local newspaper. Now I’m rocking my own territory and going in and out of the office and car and meeting and greeting and creating and marketing and it. is. awesome.

And because I’m … read the rest. . .

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And They Say Getting There is Half the Fun . . .

It’s almost 1 a.m. Sunday morning. Well, my watch tells me it’s only 9:45 pm, but I’m in North Carolina now, so it’s three hours later. Which makes it thisclose to sunrise. Ok, not really. There’s still an opportunity to catch some zzz’s but I just can’t go to sleep without sharing what the last 24 — okay, 36 — hours have been like.

Having been blessed with a scholarship and a share in the travel expense, I’m — wait for it. No, I can’t quite get my head around it yet. But yes, it’s true.

I’m at Blue Ridge! … read the rest. . .

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Following Fabian

It’s starting to become a serious joke in my family. I’m getting famous for getting lost on the Freeways of Southern California. I’ve sort of hinted at this here. But now that I’ve come clean about my latest adventure to my family, it’s time to share the story on the Blog for my public humiliation.

Last Thursday, my daughter and I headed down to Disneyland for one last hurrah before the end of winter break. Now, I’ve lived in SoCal for three decades. I’ve been driving to and from Disneyland almost just as long. It’s incredibly simple.

At least… … read the rest. . .

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Sign of Embarrassment

So last night was yet another venture into the otherworld known as Midnight Movie Premiere. That’s a story all its own.

We rode down with one group of friends to a movie theatre just over a half-hour away. We met up with another friend and decided to ride with her on the way back.

Poor Baylee! I think I kept intimidating her with my Back-Seat Driver impersonations: “Oh, Baylee, you’re a great driver, but please don’t tailgate.” (We were a good four car lengths behind any other vehicle.) “I hate driving in the fog, Baylee. I hate it!” (Visibility was … read the rest. . .

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