Prayer for This Job

I haven’t been able to focus on writing this week. Instead I’ve been literally waiting for the phone to ring. Holding my breath every time the mail truck drives up, and exhaling every time there’s no letter of rejection.

I’m still waiting to hear if I’m getting the job I applied for two months ago. It’s one of those hurry-up-and-wait situations that’s pretty much driving me crazy.

Every day that I don’t hear means I’m still unemployed.
Every day that I don’t hear gives me the chance to keep praying.

This Job would be perfect for me.
This Job is … read the rest. . .

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As you read this, I am on a mini-break. A holiday. A retreat.

At the eleventh hour, I found myself the happy recipient of a pass to attend this year’s Women’s Retreat through my church. I’d been wanting, even praying, to go since they announced the theme in January: “On The Red Carpet”. I’m really looking forward to it. Learning more of how to hold to my Christian beliefs in the spotlight.

It seems so perfect for my writing partner and I. She’s going. She’s part of the committee so there was never any question about her attendance. But I … read the rest. . .

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“Give Us This Day…”

The whole day-job-thing-a-ma-jiggy still hasn’t arrived. Gonna have to place a new order at the Employment Store. They’ve messed up on my last two orders, so now I’m more specific with what I want in a job: Great pay, great hours, benefits, drama-free zone, room for advancement. Is that too much to ask? I think not!

But I’ve been learning a lot about finances and frugality during this season. Primarily, my reliance on God hasn’t wavered. In fact, I can honestly say it’s grown stronger. I mean, when I have nothing, who else am I going to depend on but … read the rest. . .

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