I Have a Plan… Really, I Do…

I love my stability. I love my schedule. I love every so often letting loose and being spontaneous, because I know that I can return to my daughter, my recliner, my laptop, my cat, and my coffee. And I can count on those five things to be consistent.

I love having a routine. I love knowing what I can count on.

This is not news.

But this year, I’m daring to be a little more bold, a little more go-with-the-unknown. That’s so not the same as go-with-the-flow. The flow ebbs and tides, rises with the moon and sets with the … read the rest. . .

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My Schedule Went Kablooey and I Didn’t Have a Freakout!

Like some of you, I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving. I’ve still got leftovers in the fridge and a few decorations needing to be put away.

I’m usually quite on top of these things by now. I usually have my Christmas tree up, the stockings hung, the decor set. Usually.

For that last five years or more, it’s been tradition that on Thursday we eat at Mom’s house; and on Friday she comes to our house to help decorate. Then we relax with some cheese and sausage and whatever new Christmas DVD I’ve purchased. On Saturday, we get in some much … read the rest. . .

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