Sitting is Hazardous to My Health

Y’all have been reading all week about my outdoor/home improvement kick this week. It’s going great. Correction: it was going great. It was, as they say, all fun and games til someone got hurt. Me.

Today the clouds stayed around and the wind came back, making for a very chilly day. Not a good day for digging in wet dirt. But that’s not it.

So instead of actual yard work, Mom and I went to Lowe’s and I found a small bowl planter for the Lantana, and I had to get a 25-pound bag of rock for the bottom of … read the rest. . .

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Spring Has Sprung, Day Three

The last few days I’ve enjoyed my home improvement kick and yard beautification attempts. I’d like to say I’m seeing tiny new sproutlings in the flower beds and on the tomato stems… but I can’t really be sure.

Today I bought three new plants as well. A lovely yellow and green Sweet Broom for under the living room window, yellow and purple Lantana to spread over the stump, and Elijah Blue to grow in the corner.

Little by little, my dirt lot is becoming a yard.

I didn’t have time to take photos today, because I also have a leaky … read the rest. . .

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One in a Million…. and not in a Good Way

The pollen alert today (Friday) was ridiculous. Only Southern California could have a weather alert for high pollen warning.

I never had allergies in my childhood. We lived in the Midwest, fought mosquitoes in the summer, sled on frozen rivers in the winter, and enjoyed cherry blossoms in the spring.

Then we moved to the desert. The forsaken, empty, barren desert. You’ve heard this story before. Okay, it’s not that forsaken. It’s growing. And we have several Starbucks, so we must be okay on someone’s map.

Our winters are different. We get a light dusting of snow (if we’re lucky). … read the rest. . .

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