I Wore a Baseball Cap Today (Sunday Stream of Consciousness)

It’s been a while since I’ve done my five mindless minutes of writing, so here I am.

Dot helped her best friend move into the Dorm at his college. They both start classes Monday. She has a four-year plan: get her AA at the community college, then transfer to the University for her BA and nursing degree. I’m so proud of her! And her friend’s studying to be a Marine Biologist. How incredibly brainy is that?! These “kids” amaze me.

We’re watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I do so love this movie. I love how Paul Varjak falls in love with … read the rest. . .

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

It’s not really Sunday for me. But it is for you. I’m writing this now because I’m still (will be still) on Retreat.

I’m watching FLASHPOINT episodes on my DVR. It’s so bittersweet. I can directly relate so much of my life before-and-after FLASHPOINT. Before, I wanted to write. I watched TV. I didn’t really talk to strangers online. After, I am a writer. I am committed to my writing. And I’ve made so many friends through FPTO. People I’ve never actually met, but who are nicer to me than some real people I know/knew.

I deleted some friends from … read the rest. . .

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

I forgot to write any postings today. I was busy selling cookbooks online yesterday; and today we celebrated Easter.

My mom invited us over for a new Mac-n-Cheese recipe that included diced chicken and chilis. It was fantastic. And we watched as the year’s first yellow warblers became twitterpated with each other.

There are two new sprouts in my flower bed. The sprinkler/drip system seems to be leaking here and there under my dirt so I’m anticipating a bit of digging this week to tighten up the pipes and put stoppers on the drips. Apparently, before I bought the … read the rest. . .

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Stream of Consciousness Monday – February 13

Five minutes of typing whatever. Why? Because today I woke up sick. sick.
Stuffy nose. Very sore throat. Headache. Body aches.
In other words, I’m utterly miserable. *Insert sad face sympathy here*

It could be the “bug” that’s going around, or it could be allergies, or it could be both. All I know is I’ve done zero writing today… but my Castleville kingdom has been extremely productive.

So Dot and I have spent the day catching up on weeks’ worth of DVR’d television shows: NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy. At one point I told her to take … read the rest. . .

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday

The idea behind a stream of consciousness posting is to write (or type) for a set amount of time (typically five minutes), and not pay much attention to it. No corrections allowed. No changes. Just keep typing out your thoughts and see what happens.

I’m doing this now because it’s after 10 pm on Friday and I have no other idea of what to do for my blog post! I liked it better when I had several days scheduled ahead of time.

This weekend we’re starting a few spring cleaning projects. First up is reorganizing my daughter’s closet. Yes, she’s … read the rest. . .

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