Monday, Monday . . .

Are you often amazed at the plethora of Monday-haters on social media? Sundays are an infestation of draggy, please-don’t-make-me-go-back posts and photos of closed eyes or weekend-recovery moments captioned “One more day!”

I understand. When you need that break to refresh, ending it can seem, well, horrid. I typically clean Bedford Manor after work on Friday night, leaving Saturday as my To-Do List and Play With Friends Day. That makes Sunday my day of rest. My I-Can-Do-Anything-Or-Nothing Day.

But here’s where I admit a dark secret: I treasure most Mondays. Those are days when the work week starts over. It’s … read the rest. . .

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Snow/Birds and Whatnots

SUNDAY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS WRITING. I got this idea from several bloggers at BlogHer and NaBloPoMo. The idea is to set a timer for five minutes and just write everything that comes into your head, and make NO CORRECTIONS.

Well, I’m not going that far… but as I write this, it does seem more like thoughts jotted down than a coherent blog post. That’s because I have a few things on my mind that I can’t write about yet. Soon. But not yet.

So instead, you get my mundane, do-nothing report of the day.

I was up bright and early … read the rest. . .

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