Mojo Book Review: “The Haunting of America” by Jean Anderson (1973)

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I have been searching for this out-of-print book for 30+ years, and finally found it through

It was a childhood favorite of mine from the local libraries. The Librarians would chuckle when they’d see the sign-out card and my name was there nine times out of ten, literally.

This collection of 24 short ghost stories rooted in America’s past has forged my imagination, my dreams… my nightmares.

Very well written, giving attention to both location and legend, these stories leave you wondering if there’s more to them. Certainly, for me, these stories only opened the … read the rest. . .

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The Bookshelf

Yesterday I wrote about the books I have that I’m going to read in 2012.
This morning I listed all the books I still want but don’t yet have.

So I created “The Bookshelf”: a page on my blog to track my reading progress, additions to my wishlist, and my own reviews of books and whatnots. It’s a neat little way of keeping organized and informed.

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