Promise Me We’ll Be Like Them

Dear Mom,

You know I love you. You know, next to my daughter, you’re the most important person to me on this earth. I love that we are Three Generations of Desert Women: strong, durable. Louis L’Amour would be the first to praise your character. How tough you are, how strong and resourceful and faithful and determined. You are our rock, our foundation, our example. You’ve taught us how to forge our way through instead of turning back to the comfort of mediocrity.

And I want to be just like you when I grow up. And I want to be … read the rest. . .

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Hello, Desert Winter!

Monday it was over 80 degrees and sunny.

Tomorrow night, we’re expecting our first snowfall of the year.

And this is how I know it’ll happen: my left ankle is a barometric indicator. 24 hours before the first snowflake hits the ground, I limp like a gazelle on hot coals.

On my way home from work tonight (boy! That’s fun to say after a year and a half! Let’s say it again!) On my way home from work tonight, Leftie made a statement. A strong statement. And she’s starting to scream.

Welcome to Winter in the Desert.

And Frankly, My read the rest. . .

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My Housing Project: The Tree Stump Garden

When I first bought Bedford Manor, there were three trees in the front yard.

Before moving in, I had the overgrown Juniper shrubs, Lily garden and miscellaneous items removed. The Fruitless Mulberry closest to the driveway grew so quickly, there were times driving into the garage felt like a trip on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise. We made the decision last year to have it cut down [you can read about it here].

That resulted in the stump that I surrounded with scalloped brick and tried to utilize as a flower garden.

Unfortunately, Southern California just went through one of the … read the rest. . .

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My Housing Project: on Pinterest

I am so excited. So very excited!

I just discovered that Pergolas originated in Italy. Pergolas with their draping grapevines and tiny lights and patio dining and ambient music. Can’t you just feel the breeze wafting the aroma of a great Merlot in your direction?

And I just discovered that Italy actually has a desert. Deserto di Accona. An arid, white, sandy desert.

Do you have any idea what this means?

It is so very possible for me to combine my love of Italy with my reality of the desert, and make it work! Pergolas, herbs, rockscaping, cacti, skyrockets, and … read the rest. . .

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In The Midst of the Heat Wave

In the midst of this heatwave,
My cats are drinking ice water
And I’m keeping all windows and blinds closed.

It makes it darker. It makes it cozier.
And it makes it almost okay to listen to
What I call “Autumn” music:

Those tunes by Diana Krall and Harry Connick, Jr.
That bring to mind Autumn in New York
Crisp leaves, caramel apples, and Central Park.

In the midst of this heatwave,
Dot is far away
Camping in the Sierras

And sending daily reports
of amazing photos and adventures
That don’t involve heat stroke.

In the midst of this heatwave,… read the rest. . .

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