Have We All Lost Our Heads?!

by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

I think I might catch some flack for this post. But you know, I’m writing a novel set in New Orleans. And I have friends in the South. I’ve steeped myself in the history and heritage of the area. I welcome it with all its bumps and bruises.

It’s so rich with culture and inheritance–bad and good.

And I just have to raise my glass of sweet tea and ask,


What is with the impetuous tearing down of monuments all over? Banning flags? Erasing history?

We are defining … read the rest. . .

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Poverty: My Story

There’s a plethora of news articles discussing poverty as it relates to society as a whole. There are Government studies, prejudices, and surveys. There are misconceptions, stereotypes, classes to educate those in the throes, assistance programs that help (or don’t), and people fighting every day to overcome the odds.

Let me be very clear at this point: I am not a statistic.

My Social Media brand states quite simply, “I’m a Christian. Writer. Mom. Single. Daughter. Friend. Worker. Chef. Believer.” I’m also a baseball nut, coffee drinker, Disney lover, cat owner. I’m sympathetic, empathetic and at times extremely … read the rest. . .

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