One in a Million…. and not in a Good Way

The pollen alert today (Friday) was ridiculous. Only Southern California could have a weather alert for high pollen warning.

I never had allergies in my childhood. We lived in the Midwest, fought mosquitoes in the summer, sled on frozen rivers in the winter, and enjoyed cherry blossoms in the spring.

Then we moved to the desert. The forsaken, empty, barren desert. You’ve heard this story before. Okay, it’s not that forsaken. It’s growing. And we have several Starbucks, so we must be okay on someone’s map.

Our winters are different. We get a light dusting of snow (if we’re lucky). … read the rest. . .

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That’s a big word. One that I’m faced with everyday as the mom of a teen aged daughter. As a writer. As someone who lives in the current times.

And while I agree there are times when I need to bend a little more, there are also times when I need to stand strong.

I’m faced with one of the latter times now. People don’t realize that their actions affect others, and I’m on the outside of a situation trying to keep the boundaries from getting hazy.

It’s not that I’m unmoving. It’s that I care. I care enough to … read the rest. . .

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I Want a Mr. Potato Head

Remember when we were kids, and we all had one of these, but each one was distinctly different? And no matter how many parts came in the box (which wasn’t too many, to be honest), we each had our favorite way of dressing them up?

I want a Mr. Potato Head.

My friend Lisa (affectionately known to me as “Schmoo”, from that late 70s- early 80s Scooby Doo sidekick) is always cautioning me to be careful when I say things like this. I don’t know what she’s worried about. Not enough people read this Blog (yet) to really inundate me … read the rest. . .

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