Social Media Buzz: Bee The Ninja

Last month we discussed some things people do on social media that can sting. [Read: Social Media Buzz: Don’t Bee That Person.]

In this post you’ll find some subtle yet sweet behaviors that will keep your Swarm buzzing and building.

To Bee and Not To Bee

To Bee and Not To Bee

Being a ninja involves skill and knowledge, and the ability to fuse them cohesively. Sort of like bees in a hive, right?

I love being a Ninja Bee and helping others use their social media secrets to grow their online community.

MoJo - Social Media Ninja

MoJo – Social Media Ninja

Here’s a little honey to share, some tips on the fly that can help draw people into your hive and create some positive buzz for your and your books.

  1. Use your (key) words. Ask yourself: Who will my audience be? When you post online, direct some of the conversation to their attention. Writing a cookbook? Use #recipe. Quote a sentence or two from your manuscripts or reference a character trait. Your hive will fly to your side and bring friends with them.
  1. Connection is a two-way conduit. The Three R’s: Reach, Respond, Reply. Whether it’s a like, share, or comment, your swarm is more likely to help create a buzz if they know they’re appreciated. Keep the honey flowing.
  1. Forget you’re a writer who needs readers. You are also a person, pet owner, coffee drinker, snowboarder, checkers champion. Whatever other things that go into making you you, don’t forget that your readers are also multifaceted. An honest online relationship is more than just marketing. Share those bits and bites of your life, and the next time one of your bees posts about their day, simply support them. They’ll think of you sweetly.
  1. Share the sweet struggles. Writing isn’t always easy. Take your swarm on the journey with you. It’s okay to admit writer’s block or a belligerent character. Those behind-the-scenes moments are the extras readers like to experience with you. Just make sure you put your stinger away when venting.
  1. Share the sweetness. Writing is a beautiful adventure. Give your swarm a reason to spread the buzz and share the honey. Offer freebies and discounts on your books. Swarm Swag like bookmarks and free downloads are terrific gifts to say thanks to those hard worker bees who spread the word for you.

Remember, your hive is built with community.

Baseball on Pitcher's Mound. Frankly My Dear, If You Build It, They Will Come.

Field of Dreams

With some sweet tea and a big smile,
~ Happy writing and keep on Buzzing.
Molly Jo

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!

Meet Josie

I feel bad for not blogging like I used to. I really do. It’s not that you don’t matter. You’re my Swarm, of course you matter!

You matter so much, that I’ve been putting my efforts into the bigger projects. I know you’re just waiting for NOLA to be finished, and that’s my focus right now.

A photo collage of online resources to inspire me while writing my story set in New Orleans, Louisiana.

NOLA Inspiration

And here you are, checking your inboxes every day, patiently waiting for news.

Have you joined the Facebook NOLA Swarm group? That’s where you’ll find most of my updates.

In the meantime, here’s a little bit of what’s happening:

NOLA is about two-thirds rough drafted, and half of those pages have already gone through some deep edits. That means I’ve only one-third left to write. It’s getting pretty exciting. Last week I dreamt the final scene. So this week, I’m finishing the deep edits and writing what comes next.

In just a few weeks, I’ll be at this year’s Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, and network with other writers, agents, and publishers. I’m looking forward to connecting with known friends and discovering new ones.

So I figure it’s about time y’all met NOLA’s protagonist, Penny Jo Embers. She goes by “Josie” but her new friends call her “Penny”.

When she first arrives in New Orleans, she finds a place to stay.

Red-Headed Embers

Red-Headed Embers

Later, she meets characters, mystery, and food. Oh, the food! [Note: You didn’t hear it from me, but it’s quite possible a NOLA Companion Cookbook is in the works, as well.]

She’s not sure what she’s supposed to do. Her life feels over. Or unstarted. Or just messed up. Is she running away from it, or is she taking a break to gather her thoughts?

Torn between a home she doesn’t love and a place she loves but isn’t home, she manages to find a moment of peace with her new friends.

Josie the Firefly

Josie the Firefly

Of course, that’s just a snippet of what happens. Let’s be real. She’s in New Orleans. It’s not just about the food and the fireflies.

Want more? I was hoping you would. Join the Facebook NOLA Swarm Group and be a part of the fun.

NOLA should be released later this year.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!