I’m rediscovering my love for Le Grenouille.

This is him:

Handsome little guy, isn’t he? I also call him “Nippers”.

He just wanted to hop on over and see what this blog is all about.

He cuts quite the profile, doesn’t he?

He’ll be making appearances now and then, with and without his friend, Will Power.

Right now, he just wanted to introduce himself and say hi. Well, actually, he says “Ribbit!” and let’s me interpret for him.

‘Le Grenouille’ is French for ‘The Frog’. I come from a diverse ethnic background… on my father’s side. From my mother, it’s just French. A little Canadian thrown in, but the French kind. So I don’t think it counts. Her brother, my favorite uncle, also had a love of words and writing. He let me live with him during my college years and introduced me to the term Le Grenouille.

Many years later (hey! Not that many!), NCIS ran an arc through Season 4 that involved a French arms dealer nicknamed Le Grenouille. I was so excited. I explained to Dot what it meant.

Now, my daughter has all the ethnicity I have and then some. But she loves her French heritage. While I’m only about 0.05% Italian, you’d think I’m 100%. It’s how I decorate, cook, talk with my hands, love. My daughter is 100% French. No matter what other countries run in her blood.

So having a personal link to a character nickname on NCIS was just a fun little treat for her. And me. Shortly after the first few episodes, we went out and bought a Webkin and named him Le Grenouille.

But as we moved and she grew older, Le Grenouille found himself buried in boxes and bins. Through this weekend’s spring cleaning, he’s been rediscovered and just in time.

Because I need a frog for my mascot. And this little guy just jumped at the chance!

He’ll be playing a much more important role in days to come, and we’ll be more than willing to share those stories as they come along.

But now it’s time to hop off to bed and get a good night’s sleep. We’ve got some flies to catch tomorrow.


And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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