Meal Memo in a Jar: The Final Recap

Well, it’s the last week of March and here’s the rest of what we’ve been eating:

March 17th was Dot’s best friend’s birthday and we celebrated at the local bowling lanes. His family brought four kinds of Pizza Hut pizza, buffalo wings, soda, water, and cupcakes! Everything was taken in moderation, and we bowled off the calories as soon as we ate them.

18th: My birthday dinner at Mom’s! Corned beef, cabbage, and boiled vegetables along with bread rolls. And for desert, Chocolate Cherry Cake! It’s tradition!

19th: Leftovers.

20th: Dot took me to see George Clooney’s “The Descendants” at … read the rest. . .

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Meal Memo – Another Week

I’m learning more about our eating and spending habits with my new Meal Memo in a Jar dinner plan.

First, you can’t guarantee that even with certain foods on the menu, that’s what we’ll be hungry for; but our new motto is “Eat what’s on your plate!”.

Second, I need to add “fast” memos for the days when I’m too tired to cook. (What? You really believed I was SuperWoman?!) Foods like Little Ceasar’s $5 Hot-n-Ready, or a frozen skillet meal from Stouffer’s. Those super quick and easy and filling foods. But I should only allow one per week. I’ve … read the rest. . .

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Meal Memo in a Jar – First Recap

Remember the Meal Memo in a Jar that I started on March 1st?

Well, this is my month-long recap. Starting with March 1, I’ll track each and every day what menu we pulled and how it turned out. **EDITOR’S NOTE: A whole month of meal tracking is gonna be pretty wordy, so here’s the first week and a half. I’ll post another update (or two) as we continue.**

OBSERVATIONS: We’re eating so much better! Already from Janice’s suggestions, I’m going to revamp the Memo colors to incorporate one that signifies “More Work Meals”: those that take a bit more to … read the rest. . .

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