Destination: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

I grew up in Michigan before we transplanted to California many years ago. [Okay, not that many…]

We lived in the LP (Lower Peninsula), just under an hour outside of Detroit. My Grandma lived in Alpena, and every summer my Dad would drive us up there for a week or longer. I loved summers in Alpena, because it also meant we would visit Mackinaw.

Mackinaw City on the northernmost tip of the Lower Peninsula is connected to the Upper Peninsula by the famous Mackinac Bridge: This five-mile suspension bridge is the third longest in the United States, and 12th longest … read the rest. . .

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“What’s the Word?” Wednesday: October 24, 2012

In one week, it will be Hallowe’en. In one week and one day, it will be November! Yikes! I’ve been pulling double-duty on the Blog this last week. While I’m posting every day, I’m also reviewing product and formulating my giveaways to start November 1. I’m super excited to be partnering again with Scharffen-Berger chocolates and Aroma Housewares. New sponsors include Klutz Books, CLR Cleaning Product, and Winnie’s Inky Fingers.

Our weather has cooled drastically and the winds have ushered the leaves off the trees. Not completely, but enough to carpet the ground. I cleaned out the fireplace and … read the rest. . .

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Please… VOTE!

The debates are over. In two weeks, America will chose a President. Will he be the same one we’ve had for four years, or someone new?

The polls are neck-and-neck on this one. Every day sees a slight change for this, a small hope for that.

Contests and conversations are everywhere. Jet-Blu is offering free flights if your candidate doesn’t win. 7-Eleven is running their “7-Election” coffee campaign. Front yards, wire poles, and every print ad in America right now seems to have an opinion.

There is no perfect candidate. There is no one person who will come in and … read the rest. . .

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