In one week, it will be Hallowe’en. In one week and one day, it will be November! Yikes! I’ve been pulling double-duty on the Blog this last week. While I’m posting every day, I’m also reviewing product and formulating my giveaways to start November 1. I’m super excited to be partnering again with Scharffen-Berger chocolates and Aroma Housewares. New sponsors include Klutz Books, CLR Cleaning Product, and Winnie’s Inky Fingers.

Our weather has cooled drastically and the winds have ushered the leaves off the trees. Not completely, but enough to carpet the ground. I cleaned out the fireplace and changed the furnace filter. That pretty much takes care of our winterizing out here. Oh, that plus wearing socks. Cuz the Flip-Flops just aren’t warm enough any more.

The World Series starts tonight, and I’m so very happy! Although I’m saddened that my beloved Yankees missed it again, I’m glad the Tigers are getting their chance.

My friend Danny took his wife to Mackinac Island, Michigan over the weekend and sent me some photos. What a rotten souvenir! I’d rather have a plane ticket! (Just kidding, Danny. I’ll still take the photos.) I’ll write about their trip tomorrow. For today, you get this teaser:

Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Even though it’s spelled MACKINAC (with a “c”), it’s pronounced “MACK-IN-AWW”. Some people wrongly spell it Mackinaw. There’s Mackinaw City which is at the very north tip of the Lower Penninsula of Michigan. Then you take the Mackinac Bridge to Mackinac Island. It’s a shorter version of the Indian term, Michilimackinac, which references the entire straights that surround the area.

I’ll have more history and photos for you tomorrow. Well, the O’Rourkes will. I’m just the conduit, living vicariously through text messages photo posts.

I’ll be volunteering at the local Trunk or Treat next week, but I haven’t yet figured out in what capacity. I can host my own trunk, help with the set up, greeting, or even hang around the Bounce House.

Whatever I do, I’m pretty sure a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice will be a part of it.

Autumn Bliss

[I know… you’ve seen this photo before. But it was my first Instagram, and so delicious to boot. It’s worth the repeat, dontcha think?]

Do you celebrate Hallowe’en? What do you do to usher in the holidays?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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Destination: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan
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