Lovin’ Comment Luv

I did it. I made the leap over to Comment Luv.

Disqus was nice for keeping track on what I posted as comments elsewhere, and seeing what other comments people posted as well. But overall, I like the friendliness of Comment Luv better.

I like that you don’t have to be a registered user to post a comment. I love that fellow bloggers can link to their own great posts.

It’s just a better community.

And, to my enjoyment, I realized I still have access to old Disqus comments because I only deactivated it, I haven’t deleted it. I just … read the rest. . .

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Comments, Comments, Everywhere!

Of late I’m beginning to discover Comment Luv: that great little commenting feature that allows people to post comments without registering; and if you happen to be a blogger, it also posts links back to your last posts. How awesome is that?!

The problem, I’m discovering, is that I’m already committed to Disqus. Committed meaning, if I deactivate it, I’m afraid I’ll lose all your wonderful comments.

So I’m in comment limbo right now. And not too sure what to do about it. I added Comment Luv to my blog, but I haven’t deactivated Disqus yet. So the next few … read the rest. . .

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