I did it. I made the leap over to Comment Luv.

Disqus was nice for keeping track on what I posted as comments elsewhere, and seeing what other comments people posted as well. But overall, I like the friendliness of Comment Luv better.

I like that you don’t have to be a registered user to post a comment. I love that fellow bloggers can link to their own great posts.

It’s just a better community.

And, to my enjoyment, I realized I still have access to old Disqus comments because I only deactivated it, I haven’t deleted it. I just need to figure out how to export comments back to WordPress comment system in order for you to see them.

But I’m new to the techie stuff, so I’m workin’ on it.

In the meantime… Comment Luv. I’m lovin’ it.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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