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I am so excited. So very excited!

I just discovered that Pergolas originated in Italy. Pergolas with their draping grapevines and tiny lights and patio dining and ambient music. Can’t you just feel the breeze wafting the aroma of a great Merlot in your direction?

And I just discovered that Italy actually has a desert. Deserto di Accona. An arid, white, sandy desert.

Do you have any idea what this means?

It is so very possible for me to combine my love of Italy with my reality of the desert, and make it work! Pergolas, herbs, rockscaping, cacti, skyrockets, and … read the rest. . .

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A New Page: My Housing Project

There’s a new page link on Frankly, My Dear…

My Housing Project

Since I have an abundance of home improvement projects on my list and a new penchant for photography, I thought what better way to combine the two than to track it here on my blog?

You’ll see plenty of How To’s, What Not To Do’s, and Mistakes That Will Be Made. But you’ll also see a lot of fun, and I hope, pick up some inspiration of your own.

When I have a Housing Project post, I’ll be sure to link it to the Page. So if you … read the rest. . .

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My Bucket List for June, 2012

I know, I know… life is most certainly going to get in the way…

But still…it’s nice to have a few things on the To-Do List, right?
Here’s the start of my List for June, 2012:

  • Celebrate Dot & Friends’ Graduation.
  • Blog every day.
  • Write at least an hour every day on the Big Projects.
  • Get a job. A good job. A really good, permanent, well-paying, room-for-advancement job.
  • Cook each day from The Unemployment Cookbook.
  • Order the next print run for The Unemployment Cookbook.
  • Write at least three short stories to submit to contests, competitions, and magazines.
  • Get caught up
read the rest. . .
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I Have a Plan… Really, I Do…

I love my stability. I love my schedule. I love every so often letting loose and being spontaneous, because I know that I can return to my daughter, my recliner, my laptop, my cat, and my coffee. And I can count on those five things to be consistent.

I love having a routine. I love knowing what I can count on.

This is not news.

But this year, I’m daring to be a little more bold, a little more go-with-the-unknown. That’s so not the same as go-with-the-flow. The flow ebbs and tides, rises with the moon and sets with the … read the rest. . .

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Why This Post Isn’t a Post

It’s 11:30 p.m. Thursday night, and I’m exhausted. I have a full day in front of me tomorrow. I just don’t have the brain power or the physical energy to put forth an astonishing post for Friday morning.

So in lieu of a decent post, here’s my Post To-Do List (those great little articles you get to look forward to reading about!):

*My decision regarding self-publication and what it might mean to me and my writing partner
*Why the freeways of Southern California are completely against me
*Three Little Words (they’re not “I Love You”)
*My Day at Disneyland: January, … read the rest. . .

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