Davy Jones is Dead

Davy Jones is dead. For some of you, this means nothing. But for those of you who get me, who grew up in the 70’s, who liked bubblegum music before it was bubblegum music… it means everything.

Davy Jones is dead.

And I’ll never be the same.

My memories of the Monkees are far more than being a young girl sitting on the floor on summer afternoons watching the TV. More than rushing home from school in time to catch a snack while singing along. They are milestone moments: connected to events, feelings, growing, being.

And now all these memories … read the rest. . .

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What a Difference a Day Makes…

Happy Leap Year Day!

We’re excited for this extra day. How ’bout you? Any plans?

I’m going to clean out my fridge and take stock of the pantry. You’ll hear about my menu planning tomorrow. It’s gonna be great!

The Cookbook is 90% finished. So I’ll also be finishing that up. And when I say finish, I don’t mean rough draft. Nope, I mean FINISH! Woo hoo! So don’t forget to get your family and friends on board. As soon as I get 50 followers on the Blog and 100 followers on Facebook, then two lucky winners will get a … read the rest. . .

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Why Does Being Politically Correct Mean the Loss of Common Sense?

Remember when we were young and our imaginations let us be anyone, say anything, go anywhere? We held an altruistic view of life. We played Hide-and-Seek. Tag. Used crayons more than pencils. We jumped on the furniture and clung to walls so we wouldn’t get burned by the floor that had become lava in our minds. The only dangers were those we chose to create.

A friend was a friend. We had differences, we disagreed, we even quarreled now and then. But we were still friends. Our families were our safety nets and the place to try out new attitudes … read the rest. . .

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