Amazing Amazon

While I still have over two weeks to raise enough funds to publish A Study on the Ten Commandments, I’ve taken a second route to the same ultimate destination: the Study is now available for purchase for Amazon’s Kindle. [You can check it out here.]

I’m still working on a Barnes & Noble Nook version.

This path is more unique than anything I envisioned when I long ago knew I would be a Writer. In my childhood days, I drew stick figures named “Fred” on napkins, or scribbled notes on the margins of anything I could find.

I … read the rest. . .

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“Thank You For Not Dying.”

I said this to a friend yesterday. I was completely sincere.

He’d had a heart attack nine months ago. Without warning. I woke up one Sunday to read on Facebook, “Had a heart attack last night.” I tried to figure out what he meant. Was he referring to a fright? Did his sports team lose? It wasn’t until he posted a photo of him in the hospital bed that I realized he was serious: he’d had an actual heart attack. As we were chatting this weekend about so many things in life, I thanked him for not dying.

Another friend … read the rest. . .

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TGIF: March 22, 2013

T.G.I.F. Indeed!

What does TGIF mean to you? Some days it’s a breath of fresh air, an exhaling of all the week’s stresses and pressures. Other times it could be anticipation of a weekend event.

For me, this week, it’s a way of getting back on track with my writing, my house, and other aspects of my life that seem to have careened off track lately.

I’ve been working very hard, and I’m seeing the fruits of my labor, even if no one else is.

I had a financial scare earlier this week. You know, one of those moments when … read the rest. . .

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