Frankly, My Dear… had a facelift. And a tummy tuck. And, well, pretty much a complete chassis overhaul. Inn’t she purtty? From the inner workings to the aesthetic design, I am overwhelmed at the difference between yesterday and today.

While yesterday I had a blog… today I have The Blog. Designed to tie in with the New Inklings Press website, FMD is growing up. I’m amazed at the difference a few subtle and not-so-subtle changes can make.

I’d love to say I had the help of a great web designer, but the truth is, I made a few suggestions and … read the rest. . .

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I Wore a Dress. And I Wore a Hat.

A few posts ago, I wrote about watching Under the Tuscan Sun and how I desperately want the white dress.

Well. I bought myself a dress. It’s not white. There’s no black belt. Am I’m a few sizes bigger than Diane Lane. But I bought a dress.

And I love it.

I wore it for the first time today.

I’ve struggled with my hair since getting it cut last week. Melanie always does such an amazing job. But I couldn’t duplicate the salon style in my own home. Then we caught The Great Gatsby at the theater this weekend, … read the rest. . .

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I love Tuesdays. I always have. I was born on a Tuesday. It’s when NCIS is on, and still reruns of Flashpoint. Monday is over, and the next day halfway finishes the workweek.

I’ve always loved Tuesdays.

This Tuesday is one of my favorites. This Tuesday is full of promise. The workweek has been shortened with the Memorial Day Holiday yesterday, which will make this Tuesday go by twice as fast as I catch up on a day’s worth of calls, emails, and other business at the office.

This Tuesday I have my writing work cut out for me as … read the rest. . .

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