My Amazon Author’s Page

Amazon is synonymous with sales, especially books. The great part is, Amazon makes it easy for authors of all sorts to share their stories. In particular, I’m in love with their Author’s Pages. A person can share as little or as much as they like, and link to their most important social media networks.

Publishing eBooks for Kindle download is just as easy. Once you have the finished draft, a quick upload is all it takes to get started.

You can check out my Amazon Author’s Page here. It contains all the aforementioned goodies, and more.

Now that I’m … read the rest. . .

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The Strumbellas

I have a new favorite band. At least they’re in my Top 3.

You may not have heard of them before this, but you will.

They’re The Strumbellas. Simon Ward, Jon Hembrey, Darryl James, Jeremy Drury, David Ritter and Isabel Ritchie.

I’ve known of them for a while now. They hail from Toronto, Canada. That alone makes them worthwhile in my book. Pretty much all good things (sans mayor) come out of Toronto.

Okay, it doesn’t hurt that I know a family member of the drummer.

So yeah. There’s that.

But even without that connection, I really like this music.… read the rest. . .

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BETTER: Blogging More or Less

It’s been over a month ~ a month! ~ since I last posted. And before that, it was quite a while too. That’s a far cry from the NaBloPoMo I used to do, posting every day for nearly two years.

I can’t believe we’re at the end of March, and I’ve so few posts this year.

But rest assured, I’m still writing!

The desk, chair and glider behind the desk are all birthday gifts from my mother. We found the glider and desk at our local Salvation Army. I can’t believe how inexpensive they were to begin with, and we … read the rest. . .

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