Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I know, right?! Yummm…!

Check out that velvety rich chocolate and candy sprinkles coating those crunchy, salty rods. I made them by melting Wilton Chocolate Melts (dark chocolate, thankyouverymuch!) in my new Wilton Chocolate Pro melting pot.

It’s gonna be an amazing tool in my kitchen. I feel like Willy Wonka.

It’s crazy-simple: just plug it in. Preheat for five minutes. Pour in a bag of Melts. Let melt. Stir occasionally. Look how silky it gets. The best part? No overheating. No messy spillovers. No double-boiler stove-top disasters. Just this.

When the chocolate was ready, I took one pretzel … read the rest. . .

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