“Mom. We haven’t watched TV at all tonight.”
How great a statement is that?
Dot and I spent the evening crafting with our Klutz books. Earlier, she and her friend Megan reviewed MINI CAPSTERS JEWELRY for me.

We’re a crafty bunch.

KLUTZ donated four of their craft books for our review; and they’re just waiting for one lucky reader to win a set all their own!


Here’s what we loved about the KLUTZ books:

  • They’re fun. Not in an oh-what-a-nice-way-to-spend-a-few-minutes way. But in an oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-much-interactive-fun-look-how-creative-we-are way.
  • The guidebooks
read the rest. . .
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HOLIDAY GIFT BASKET GIVEAWAY: Winnie’s Inky Fingers Cards and Tags

Take a look at these creative hand-made greeting cards and gift tags.

My camera doesn’t do justice to these beautiful originals from Winnie’s Inky Fingers.

When I first imagined my inaugural Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway, I immediately contacted Winnie. She eagerly created these one-of-a-kind sets to give to one lucky reader.

Look at this sample of her wonderful work:

Each card and tag is stamped, inked, colored, and embellished by Winnie. She’s been making them for family and friends and posting her work on her Blog, which is how I found her. She’s inspired me to try my own hand … read the rest. . .

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Being a Crier Does Not Make Me Weak

I cry. You know this. I’ve talked about my crying in my writings. I’ve cried while writing. I’ve cried while reading. I’ve cried while watching TV. I’ve cried when listening to music.

I cry when I’m sad, stressed, angry, confused, and happy.

I cry when I see other people cry. I cry when I see other people who should cry but can’t.

Now there’s a time and a place for everything. I don’t cry every day. There are times when I need to suck it up. And there are times I have to let go. I can hold it together … read the rest. . .

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The Adventures of Molly & Megan: Prologue (Writing the Back Story)

My writing partner and I got together today. It’s always a hoot when we do. Thankfully, today was a day filled with more real-writing and less let’s-talk-about-everything-but-writing.

I love it when we get together. We have the same ideas for our characters and the plots. She finds inspiration in pictures and drawings; I find mine in nature and poetry. We get together, talk out the themes and ideas and what if’s…

And after three hours together today, what has been planned as a three-book epic story has now grown into (at least) five. (Just to give you an idea of … read the rest. . .

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