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You’ve seen it. Every website you visit has that little box enticing you to leave your email address so you can get great content delivered to your inbox. Well, here at Frankly, My Dear… it’s no different (sorry).

Just recently I signed up with MailChimp to format and deliver newsletters.

This is more than just posting on the Blog each day. These newsletters will be filled with updates, recipes, and content not always posted on Frankly, My Dear… of course, they will highlight some of our more popular posts as well.

Next month’s issue is already being planned. … read the rest. . .

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You know those Blog changes I’ve been talking about? Well, some of the behind-the-scenes ones are already in the works. (Thanks, Webmaster!)

I’m visiting many other Blogs to get aesthetic ideas as well. I’m hoping to streamline my many tabs, have a better design (to tie in with New Inklings Press), and just make it look more professional as well as be easier for you to manage.

One of the changes I was not counting on was losing my email subscribers through a Feedburner glitch.

That’s right: I’m not even sure any of you are still getting my posts … read the rest. . .

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Claudia’s Comment

I’ve known Claudia for years. What I didn’t know, until I started blogging last year, is that she also likes to write. Accordingly, she likes to read. And, bonus!, she likes to read my blog.

Recently, she sent me this email:

“Blogging everyday is impressive, and it’s also one of the reasons I enjoy your blog.  I subscribe to a few others, but posts often are few and far between so I lose interest.  I like that yours comes everyday, and the funny thing is that your title alone makes me happy.  I love that you call it “Frankly, read the rest. . .

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New Meaning to Ghost Writing (Journal, 10/19/2010)

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Okay, I’m not one to go all in about spirits and things. I believe there are supernatural forces, but as a Christian, and a scaredy-cat, I ignore; nay, resist, such topics.

Most of the time.

Just over two weeks ago, I journaled about the death of my mentor.

We weren’t that close. He was someone I respected as a writer and creator. He encouraged and inspired me to continue in my own writing endeavors. Big words for what boils down to: I like what he said and did, and he saw potential in me.

And … read the rest. . .

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