What I Did On My Summer Vacation – Week 1

Dot’s been out of school for just over one week.

Last week, we got in the car and since it was a weekday morning, I almost automatically drove her to school. I caught myself and said, “Hey, I don’t have to drive you to school today!”

And then I realized, “Hey. I never get to drive you to school again.”

In the last week, she’s been hanging with her peeps, reading, and doing the usual, “What are we doing today?” questioning.

So this weekend we saw MEN IN BLACK 3. Great movie! I mean, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, New … read the rest. . .

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Meal Memo – Another Week

I’m learning more about our eating and spending habits with my new Meal Memo in a Jar dinner plan.

First, you can’t guarantee that even with certain foods on the menu, that’s what we’ll be hungry for; but our new motto is “Eat what’s on your plate!”.

Second, I need to add “fast” memos for the days when I’m too tired to cook. (What? You really believed I was SuperWoman?!) Foods like Little Ceasar’s $5 Hot-n-Ready, or a frozen skillet meal from Stouffer’s. Those super quick and easy and filling foods. But I should only allow one per week. I’ve … read the rest. . .

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