Hannah’s Lace

by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

It’s official! My sweet tea of a daughter has opened her Etsy store. Folks, this has been a project in the works for quite some time and I don’t mind telling ya this momma is strutting around like a proud peacock!

Y’all remember when she gifted me this peacock painting? Yeah. Sorry to break a million hearts, but it’s one of a kind, and not for sale.

But a whole lotta other stuff is!

I mean, this girl has been creative since the day she was born. Who in the family can forget her little … read the rest. . .

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MoJo Says: Five Ways Counting Kittens Can Boost Your Blog Traffic

For realz. Who doesn’t love photos of cute kittens? (Which begs the question: Are there ever any ugly kittens? I think not.) And better ratings? And smart, helpful people? Those social bees will be swarming all over for a piece of this sweet pie.

Just like with books on the bookstore shelf, a post on the blog is competing with many more like it. The reality is titles are the money-maker. You could have found the cure for the common cold, but unless your title gets the reader’s attention, no one else will benefit from your wisdom.

Hooking your readers … read the rest. . .

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