HEAD TO TOEZ has it all!

Remember my hair cut horror story from a few days ago? It was a lot worse than I reported. As Dot says, “How can you trust your hair to people who don’t even take care of their own?”

Ever since walking out of that discount haircut place I’ve been trying to find a salon-quality location that doesn’t charge salon-quality prices.

A handful of phone calls later, and I realized I was either going to pay $40 for a great haircut, or take my chances elsewhere. That’s when I was referred to HEAD TO TOEZ in Hesperia.

As of this posting, … read the rest. . .

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Bad Hair AND A Monday?!

Yup. That’s right. Normally upbeat, optimistic MoJo had a not-so-good day today.

On the heels of crying on my friend’s shoulder for no reason at all last week, only to realize I was actually coming down with something (I always get cranky before I get sick), and then having the chaos of a not-so-well-cleaned house and not being able to fully devote myself to writing coherently…

All these little irritants went by the wayside and today I was ready to face the world again! Hurray!

But the world, it seems, wasn’t quite ready for me.

After spending the better part … read the rest. . .

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