TGIF: March 15, 2013

It’s TGIF time. It always seems to work out that when I’ve been blog-absent and finally have much to say, it’s a TGIF post. I like that. Blog and I, we work well together.

And believe me, I have oh-so-much to say. The first is, I’m learning how to not say everything. As a writer, I’m a bit cavalier with my words. That’s not always a good thing. I see a story everywhere, but that doesn’t mean I should tell it. Some stories aren’t mine to tell. Others are mine, but not worth telling. Still more are shared stories, and … read the rest. . .

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My Housing Project: 2013

Last year I started My Housing Project: Blog posts directly related to the improvement of my property.

With yesterday being the first nice weekend day in months, Mom came over and the three of us started cleaning up the front yard.

While they raked and bagged piles and piles of leaves, I dug up root balls for two rose shrubs and one Euonymus. The second Euonymus shrub is only partly uprooted, as the roots grow like moss and grab into the soil for nearly a foot. Those are easy enough to break with the shovel but it’s the actual … read the rest. . .

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A Bird in the Hand…

Today’s weather warmed up with the sunshine, allowing the birds to come out of their cozy nests in search of the seed I’d placed for them. I saw my two scarce Cactus Wren leave the confines of their Joshua Tree and to my delight, two more were with them! My little family of birds is growing!

In keeping with this week’s post themes of Thanksgiving, I immediately thought “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” and that got me thinking.

That doesn’t really sound like I’m thankful for the birds in my bush. (Although I am). … read the rest. . .

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