Lessons Learned: The Louie Edition

What I learned from The Boy:

1. Love always. Not matter what. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

2. Smile like you have a secret, and people will want to talk to you.

3. Smile when you’re in trouble, and you won’t have consequences.

4. Play with your food… but only after you’ve eaten a lot of it.

5. Be honest. No matter what.

6. When it doubt, write it out.

7. Have fun. No matter what.

8. It’s okay to be sad, but never give up hope.

9. Dance. A lot.

10. Take pictures. A lot.

11. Take walks. … read the rest. . .

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Louie, a fellow creative writer, would be upset if I used his death as an excuse to not keep with my self-promise to blog every day.

We’re still working our way through the pain. Dot’s best friend had his graduation party today, which helped. Except that he, too, was good friends with Louie. At any given moment, one or more of the seven graduates in the room could be found crying, surrounded by the rest.

It’s an extremely surreal experience and I never wish this agony on anyone.

I don’t want to write. But Louie wouldn’t want me to use … read the rest. . .

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