This ‘n That Thursday

Usually I like to write longer, thought-out posts. But tonight, there’s just a few little things that I want to share, so I thought I’d put them together in a short nonsensical collection of what my day has been.

Yesterday’s blog post My Housing Project: A New Leaf was very well received, and I thank each and every one of you who liked, linked, clicked, commented, Pinned, tweeted and otherwise shared. It’s my most popular post since Winco shared Too Hot to Cook (June’s Meal Plan) two months ago.

I woke up early this morning to make sure it posted … read the rest. . .

Sweeten my tea and share:

My January Meal Plan

I received a gift card for Christmas. I’m so very excited. Some people think gift cards are impersonal. I think gift cards are Potential. I plan to use this one for my January grocery budget.

I’m on a mission to save money and still feed my family well. I’m taking a page from my Cookbook, and starting with the recipe that started it all: Slow Cooker Ratatouille.

For just around $10, I’ll get the vegetables I need. I always keep olive oil and seasonings in the pantry.

Jan. 1: The Ratatouille will feed myself and Dot for two dinners.

Jan. … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Food Challenge

One of my favorite channels is, of course, the Food Network. And my favorite shows are “Food Network Challenge” and “Cupcake Wars”. I love seeing how other chefs create tastes and presentations.

I never intended this Blog to have a focus on recipes. I always thought it would be just me. Getting through life. And sharing my ridiculous stories with whoever cared to read them. But when some of those stories began in my kitchen, I noticed something. You paid attention.

I love cooking. I love baking. Creating. Decorating. And you like hearing about me setting off the fire alarm … read the rest. . .

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