“What’s the Word?” Wednesday: Why Lily Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

Note: I’ve known Lily (not her real name) for nearly fifteen years. When she reached out to me this morning, I asked if she’d be comfortable sharing her thoughts on the blog. The subject matter of this post is controversial, but what she has to say is important. Please be respectful with your comments.

Why Lily Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

Before I went to bed last night I took a last-minute glance at online news. I saw a headline that wouldn’t normally get my attention, but this one did. So I clicked into the story.

I can’t express how I … read the rest. . .

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Lessons Learned: Afterthoughts of Being Stalked [Sept. 14, 2012]

In the aftermath of the incident from yesterday’s post, I’ve had time to reflect on what happened. I received a lot of encouraging comments and support. This post is a collage of my later thoughts, reactions, and observances.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the Ugly Words. It’s okay to say, out loud, “I’m being stalked.” “Take me seriously.” and “This is not good.” Even when it feels foolish. Even when a part of you wants to think this is just a mistake, a misunderstanding. It’s okay, and even right, to say the Ugly Words out loud.
  2. Take it for what
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Life Moment: Stalker at the Store

This is what I looked like when I went out today.

I want you to see this, because before you read my story it’s imperative that you understand how I was dressed and how I presented myself. I wasn’t flashing skin. I didn’t wear a skirt shorter than my sweater. I wasn’t timid nor bullyish. I was, in fact, just having a nice, quiet day.

Alone, I’m nearly 5’9. Stomping around in my two-inch heels I’m not easily intimidated. But just a few hours ago I had one of those moments that changed that.

Today was my day to take … read the rest. . .

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