by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

[Originally published on blogspot on Saturday, April 2, 2011]

1. When a guy hangs up on you, it’s okay to never call him back.

2. Don’t spill your guts on the first date, or in the first month, or even the first six months. Guard your heart!

3. People put tons of research into buying a new house, getting a new job, even seeing a movie. Why don’t they do that with PSO’s (Potential Significant Other)?!

4. “Christian” means different things to different people. Speak up!

5. Don’t let bad memories scare you away from new experiences. Go to that same old place, and make new ones!

6. When in doubt, talk it out.

7. Men…. are strange creatures who will never be fully understood by women. Stop trying!

8. Nobody’s perfect. Ever. Once in a while, you may have a perfect moment. You may even be perfect together once in a while. But nobody’s perfect. Stop expecting that, especially of yourself.

9. Once in a while, it’s okay to SHUT UP and listen. Just listen. Don’t process, don’t analyze, don’t fix… just listen. Pay attention. But don’t act.

10. Be honest, but for goodness’ sakes, don’t be brutal! There are some things that just don’t need telling… even if you want to “clear the air”…

11. He is not Norman Bates, and I am not Mother Theresa. Ever.

12. If you don’t care if your family and friends like him… keep looking. You’re just kidding yourself if you think their opinions don’t matter.

13. The clothes DO make the man. I prefer mine to NOT have “tattoo sleeves”, thankyouverymuch.

14. Stop crying. Move on. Get stronger. Find someone better.

15. It’s okay to not be okay… sometimes. It’s okay to be a little weak, and let him be a little strong.

16. Don’t expect him to always be strong. That’s like him expecting you to always be June Cleaver.

17. Listen to music. Lots of it. Find the lyrics that fit you. Sing them to yourself. Often. Find strength and comfort in your own voice.

18. Share. Share your ice cream. Share his umbrella. Share the food bill. Share your joys. Share the blame. Share your life. Share.

19. If he’s not good for you now, don’t think he’ll ever change. He wants you to think that so you’ll stick around. You’re better off being single and able to hold your head up high, than to be with him and under his feet.

20. Never stop learning. Never. About each other. About the world. About yourself. Never, ever stop. Ever.

21. Always believe in yourself, and what you know is right. Don’t compromise that. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Love is give-and-take, that doesn’t mean full-on alterations.

22. Be good to yourself. It’s okay to buy yourself jewelry now and then. It’s okay to go out alone. It’s okay to smile at strangers.

23. Don’t forget to breathe. Regularly.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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