by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

I finished reading the Book of Exodus today. I lost count of how many times I read the phrase, “it was done just as the LORD commanded Moses”, or a close semblance.

What really stood out to me was that the LORD ordered Moses to lead the people, to construct the Tabernacle, and to even decorate the Priest’s outfits with filigree surrounding the engraved stones. God commanded Moses and the people to add filigrees, not just hooks. Hooks and clasps would have fastened the ephod to the breastplate to the shoulders just fine. But God wanted more. He wanted not just functionality and purpose; but beauty.

I got to thinking about what it could mean… Our God doesn’t need us for anything. He can do all things Himself. He began all things. He doesn’t need us for anything.

But He wants us.

I was hit with a picture of God being a Master Chef. There He is in the kitchen, preparing a most wonderful feast. Now, the feast itself is nourishing, it sustains us the way food is supposed to. But He adds little touches. He bakes a cake, and then He decorates it. Does He need to? No. He doesn’t need to decorate the cake. He didn’t even have to make it! But there He is, taking His time, scrolling delicate designs all over it. Why? Does it make the cake taste better? Of course not. Does it add nutritional value? Not unless it’s purely organic frosting spiced with extra minerals. No. God decorates His cake because He wants to.

Now picture this: the cake is the world. And we are the filigree frosting. We are the icing on the Cake. God didn’t create us because He had to. He created us because He wanted to. Because He wants to enjoy us. Because we add that little extra touch to this world.

He doesn’t leave a void. Every filigree is placed by His hand. Every inch of icing is part of His plan. And He doesn’t let someone else come by and drag their finger through the icing just to smear it. If someone comes along to mess things up, God’s right there in the kitchen, ready to fix whatever “mistakes” may happen. Sometimes He makes it better than the original. But He never, ever just lets them go. Sometimes it feels like it. Sometimes it feels like we’re either on display for the whole world to stare at, or worse, invisible. But that’s not the case. God knows right where you belong. He curved you, He colored you, He designed you, He set you in place.

Because He thinks you’re deliciously beautiful. And He wants to share you with the World.

Chew on that.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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