by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

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This prose was inspired by a house in my neighborhood. It was the old house of a high school friend, and over the decades I’ve watched it go from being well cared for by his parents and family, to being taken over by strangers, to being abandoned and ultimately, completely rundown: a hazard and an eyesore to the community.

In the past few months, the property was sold, and as I drove by every few days, I took mental notes of the activity going on: The siding came off. The windows were knocked out. Everything was removed and demolished except for the frame and the worn roof. I held my breath in anticipation of soon driving by to see nothing but broken beams and collapsed shingles.

And then something beautiful began to happen. That old frame was utilized. That old roof was kept. And improvements were being made.

Now, as I drive by, the foundation has expanded. The lot has been leveled, cleared of rubble and debris. When it is finished, it is going to be a magnificent home; better than the original.

And I couldn’t stop thinking, that’s just like Life. And how God created the earth. The earth, human life, and even one person’s home all start the same: Find a good location. Lay a foundation. Build. Correct. Share. Repair. Enjoy. Invite. Celebrate. Mourn. Stay.

Enjoy your horizons… but don’t forget your roots.

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