I originally had a post scheduled for today in which I uncharacteristically vented my woes of unemployment. But that’s a bandwagon I really don’t want to jump on.

I like to think of myself as an optimist, and as hard as life can be at times, it can always be worse. And I don’t like to dwell in the dregs.

So, I deleted my uncharacteristically woeful post and have decided, instead, to announce all the things I am incredibly thankful for. On Facebook, I’ve seen some friends post their “25 Days of Thanksgiving” since November 1st. While I haven’t posted anything, I’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of what people find to be thankful for.

Here’s my list. (I’ll try to stick to generals, because if I get specific, this list will never end.)

1. Books, especially the Bible, Louis L’Amour, Little Women, Sherlock Holmes, and mafia crime.

2. My family: birth, church, writing, and FPTO.

3. The ability to write, and family/friends/readers to write for.

4. My kitchen and all the goodies that it holds and creates.

5. My cats.

6. My house, yard, garage, patio, trees, and herb garden.

7. Church. The people I’ve met at church. The ministry they offer. The peace it gives me.

8. Unemployment benefits, some people don’t even have that much.

9. My car and the ability to drive.

10. Dreams, hope, and wishing. In other words, a future.

11. A balanced checkbook and bills that are paid.

12. Two turkeys (thanks, Laura!)

13. Our Second Family.

14. Health.

15. Our fireplace.

16. Living so close to my mom and being able to have coffee with her more often than not.

17. Impromptu visits from and to friends and family.

18. Recipes.

19. Bunco.

20. The internet, phones, television and digital/electronic media that make research and writing easier.

21. My 100-year old Encyclopedia Brittanica library and typewriter that remind me no matter what, I was born to write.

22. Living in America.

23. Music. To listen to, to rest with, to sing with.

24. Imagination and the ability to share it.

25. Inspiration. From God. From family and friends and the world.

What’s on your list?

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