That’s a big word. One that I’m faced with everyday as the mom of a teen aged daughter. As a writer. As someone who lives in the current times.

And while I agree there are times when I need to bend a little more, there are also times when I need to stand strong.

I’m faced with one of the latter times now. People don’t realize that their actions affect others, and I’m on the outside of a situation trying to keep the boundaries from getting hazy.

It’s not that I’m unmoving. It’s that I care. I care enough to say “enough”, and to draw a line in the sand. I can’t help it when other people cross that line, but I sure can help that it doesn’t happen to me or Dot or anyone else who cares to really listen.

I do the best with the information I get. If there are red flags and stop signs involved, I’m thinking that’s not the best time to compromise. If the information I get is errant, I can only go by what I know.

So I like to be informed. I like to make good choices. I like to protect the people around me. For them, I will not compromise.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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